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Antrice Alexander


Mission: To serve The People of God with The Assignments and Tasks as Led by The Holy Spirit.

Our Drive: Is Driven with the Desire to restore God's People and bring us back to the Spiritual Authority in which has been made available to us.

Vision: Bring Restoration and the Original blueprint and intentions of God as it relates to Gods people. We want to remove all evil veils and blankets of deception upon The Earth. 

Beliefs: Jesus is Lord, He is Our Savior and through Him we can and will do all things according to His purpose that He has for your life.

Bio:  A mother and Believer of Jesus Christ. My purpose in life is to restore and rebuild God's people by teaching and demonstrating The Love of God in This Earth. Restoration to me means, "the original blueprint and objective of God for your life." Deception has plagued the men and women of God for ages, my goal is to remove the deception and allow God to use me and others to get us back on track. I know we have spiritual authority but the teaching and discipline are missing, we have to die to flesh and not be led by our five senses but By The Holy Spirit in all things. Matthew 6:33 (NIV) Says to Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well; from experience we tend to seek everything and everyone else first and then pray for God to meet us where we are and there is where many of us go wrong. We need and have to pray for divine encounters so we can get started on why we are at this time, nothing happens by chance or coincidence, regardless of the method in which you got here. God is intentional and sovereign, His wisdom and intellect do not allow for things and people to be created by chance. Therefore, by any and all means we need to get to the root cause of our issues and connect with Our Divine Father to find out Our Divine Purpose; by knowing and trusting The Holy Spirit to empower us to fulfill our callings in Life. One of the first key steps in doing this means we have to do a self assessment, this can be done by acknowledging your truths and having accountability for your past and present state of mind and actions; simply said no lying to self or to others. Before you can point the finger at anybody or your environment you have to be able to look at self, and well this part maybe the hardest but is key to setting your life in motion in the right order. 
     My goal for the ministry and to anyone reading this is to ensure you know who you are and to know who you are in Christ.  Sadly, we have let the world and other people define who we are; The Lord spoke to me in 2019 and He said, we as a people are faced with an identity crisis, and this is so true. Before I could teach this and come to knowledge of where I am today, I had to learn who I was all over again, so I had to turn the TV off and the distractions from social media and go back to Bible to find out who I am and who I am called to be. I realized in order to get to this point a hunger for The Lord had to be established and that hunger was driven by exhaustive and elongated self righteous efforts. In summary, I got tired or being tired and wanted change and from this desire my journey began. 
    My testimony is great and long, the spirit of endurance had to come upon me or else I would have given up a long time ago. From one failed suicide attempt, having my mother murdered, battling witchcraft and covens, along with a faulty foundation, plus entering into many difficult relationships all of my wasted efforts led me to a point of exhaustion. If I had only known.... The devils goal for me was to self destruct and that yes The Lord had a plan for my life but so did the devil. The devil will ensure you make hasty decisions to led you into long term destruction and devastation. My engagements had me involved with spiritual marriages, evil altars, and destiny exchanges and worst of all my tongue elongated most of my problems. I don't want this for anyone and many hurts and traumas could have been avoided if I knew the purposes of God for my life!!! so as a Witness and Overcomer the truth must be preached and we as people have to refuse the wiles, schemes, and plots of our enemy. We have power over the enemy according to Luke 10:19 so why aren't we using it? Well the time has come so let's get started. I encourage you to read my blog as I post regularly inspiring messages from The Holy Spirit and other men and women of God. My mentors and favorites include Apostle Michael Orpoko, Tim Simon Kimani, Erica Mukisa, Dr. Kevin Zadai, and Derek Prince. In 2020 I began to follow Evan. John Ramirez testimony and that really got the hunger for God started so I am thankful for people like him and Evan. Joshua Orekhie who helped to interpret my dreams; so lets encourage each other and let others overcome by our testimonies.  I am a recent graduate from Ministry International Institute earning a degree in Divinity which help fill the gaps of intimacy and knowledge about the church and my faith walk. There are so many more and I am grateful for The Lord for those sent to aid, mentor, and show me the way. 
     My most recent testimony, is that I have had wisdom downloaded from Holy Spirit, many divine encounters, and dreams that coincide with The Bible. Please note God didn't stop with the Apostles of the Bible (they are our founding fathers) but God is not done and He raising up a  generation and His Spirit is being poured out just as written in Joel 2:28. God's mercies are renewed daily so if we decide to listen and are willing to obey we will get back to original blueprint and purposes of God. Take this journey with me as we fulfill God's Word and earn our Crown Of life for the inheritance is at Hand! God Bless You All!!


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